Styling An Apartment

You’ve got this great apartment, you know you want it to look it’s best but you aren’t sure how to go about it?

Perhaps you’ve already tried to make it over and it’s just not quite like you had hoped but you aren’t sure why?

As a general rule, best results happen when you have a plan and are consistent throughout your property.

Simple Styling Solutions have provided us with a few concepts to consider when styling for the best visual result …

Appreciate The Architecture

It’s important to understand the building … it’s architecture, it’s age and the demographic you are appealing to.

A beachside apartment that is brand new may lend itself to a modern coastal feel, whereas a red brick 70’s duplex might work better with a retro flair.

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Understand The Style

Understanding the style is easier than it sounds. Some styles don’t flow because they are a mix of styles. When we say Coastal, Boho, Scandi, Industrial … what do these mean? If you are unsure of the best place to go, try Pinterest! Be warned, it’s a bit addictive and you can get lost in the boards for colours. Find pictures that appeal to you the most and let that guide your style. Remember, apartments look best with consistent style throughout.

More Importantly ... Why Are You Styling Your Apartment?

You should ask yourself the following questions and the answers should dictate the way you style … it’s not a one size fits all when presenting your apartment

Because It's My Home And I Want It To Look Beautiful

You need to style to stay. Everything you choose needs to be comfortable, functional and to your taste. This is where you can be as wild as you like with colours, patterns, textures – be bold and quirky if that’s your thing!

It's An Investment And I Want To Present It Well So It Attracts More Income

For a furnished property, you need to tone it back with the boldness. A neutral palette is more appealing to the wider market so will spark more interest. The apartment still needs to be comfortable, functional but also add to this quality pieces that are built tough and will last the test of time with tenants coming and going.

It's Time To Say Goodbye And I Need to Showcase The Potential To Get The Best Possible Sale Price

This is all about showcasing the beauty! Throughout the comfortable and functional concepts that go with the mantra, if it looks good to the eye and highlights the selling points of the property, then do it! Neutral colours, tones and textures again appeal to the wider market so stick with these.

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Blog Author is Liz Ohl of Simple Styling Solutions
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