Selling Your Strata Property At Auction

When selling your strata property at auction, you want to maximise your return and get the best price possible

Most people these days want ‘something for nothing’.

A good selling strategy is to give a proposed buyer something they didn’t know they wanted until you gave it to them … for NOTHING!

We know we shouldn’t ‘judge a book by it’s cover’ but as human beings, we do and your strata property will be judged on first impressions.

So, you need to put some effort (and money) into selling your home. You need to showcase your property to it’s full potential.

We know that Owners Corporations should have pest inspections, pest treatments and building inspections carried out annually, but a lot don’t. Get your own pest and building inspections done and give these to your selling agent and/or auctioneer. If there’s anything wrong with your strata property, you have time to fix these prior to listing it for sale by auction.

Next, the condition of the Owners Corporation is something a proposed buyer would want to know such as financial information, by-laws, etc. Our Strata Disclosure Statement gives a buyer everything they need to know prior to the auction date. You can order yours here.

Lastly, staging your property for sale is something relatively new to Australia but it is proving to be very successful in achieving a higher price at auctions. For more information on staging you can read our blog or click here.

Here’s to achieving maximum sale price at your auction!!

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